An E-bike gem in Piedmont! Sometimes you are lucky. Do you recognize that? We were looking for a different way to spend holidays and ended up on an 8-day E-bike holiday in Piedmont. We thought we were too late for to book, but it could still be arranged with a small adjustment. That in itself shows a willing organizer and immediately gives you a feeling of confidence. During the tour all your senses will be discussed. During cycling you feel the sun and the wind on your skin. After a day you feel completely familiar with the E-bike. Such a bike makes it possible for us 57 year olds to cross a beautiful mountain area and enjoy it to the full. When you are out of this, you can smell everything. This varies from grape harvest in a cart to café Americano on a terrace. Let's not forget the food and the filled wine glasses. Wine and food were fully tasted. That was wonderful. Cycling keeps everything happy in balance. When it comes to hearing, we immediately think of the grape pickers who were fully engaged in harvesting, the crackling of stones under the tires and the whizzing of the wind in beautiful descents. As far as seeing is concerned: there is no end to the many beautiful views. They are search images. Take the time and you see more and more. The concept is that you cycle from A to B on the basis of a well-described route. What you do in between is entirely up to you. We regularly drove into a village and then you experience funny things  For example, a proud grandfather who will show his grandchild for the first time. Or we sat somewhere on a square and then an Italian walked in quickly to say that we were sitting there. Or two older Italian cyclists who were staring at us because they did not have a motor in the bike. Never forget to bring enough water with you. You can sleep in different places. Before we knew it, our holiday was over. We found that very unfortunate, but it is also a sign that you have done well. We can only recommend this holiday. Especially the freedom within the concept was perfect for us. Thank God not an organized holiday, but a holiday where you really come into contact with the Italians who live there. In summary, we can say that we enjoyed the freedom, the people, the beautiful nature, the stay and above all the cycling.
Kind regards Yvonne and Bennie.

In a beautiful environment, Piemonte, we enjoyed a wonderful holiday. We have been able to explore the region and get to know it by traversing it with e-bikes. The hilly nature of the area is excellent with these bikes. Beautiful climbs and descents make it an unforgettable experience. The many views with vineyards and hazelnut orchards are very typical. The excellent organization by Aad, his good choice of hotels, the excellent cycling and above all his support and accessibility during our vacation, have contributed to the fact that we have had an unforgettable holiday. Recommended for anyone who wants to get to know this area in a relaxed and well-kept way.
Maria, Sonja, Ton and Frans

On the bicycle fair in Utrecht we happened to be in contact with Aad van Opstal a few months ago at one of the many stands. Back home and after having seen all the options again, a consensus was reached quickly and unanimously: it would become Piëmonte, through the sympathetic Aad who had immediately won our trust. And as it turned out: an absolute hit! . Piemonte can easily withstand the comparison with the more famous regions of Tuscany and Umbria. An undulating landscape with unseen views, with idyllic and picturesque villages, with countless little churches and watchtowers and endless vineyards. It is certainly worthwhile to deviate as much as possible from the route as far as possible to explore the nearby villages. With the exception of the connection routes to reach and / or leave slightly larger towns such as Acqui Terme, Alba and Canelli, the routes run on low-traffic, rural roads. Although the routes can be described as tough with slopes that sometimes are 8 km long with here and there (very) steep gradients and despite a temperature that exceeded 30 ° daily, the physical effort was already quite limited by the excellent, powerful e-bikes. Those who really can not (or do not want to) make an effort, will nevertheless end up at a leisurely pace. As "Burgundian" Belgians, we also took maximum advantage and enjoyed the many culinary Piemontese delights. For those who want to eat something on the way in the afternoon, there is some searching here and there, but with the help of the locals you sometimes find "hidden treasures". Some "highlights" that we do want to remember: the restaurant Belvédère (terrace with fantastic panoramic view) in Alice Bel Colle, the center of Acqui Terme, the serene cemetery at the top of Cassinasco, Castelletto D'Erro with its tower, the center of Alba, the historic villages of Neive and La Morra, wine town of Barolo with its castle, Roccaverano and the view (Belvédère) at the top of Verduno. But the absolute summit is undoubtedly the stay (2 nights) at the agriturismo la Torricella in Monforte d'Alba. The top location with incredible views, combined with delicious food, fine wine (incl wine tasting) and a flamboyant host Francesco made this stay a magical and unforgettable event. Those who can not leave their bikes can visit some nice villages in the area on the day of rest. And last but not least there is organizer Aad, who not only ensured good reception and explanation on arrival, but was also permanently accessible for any problems with bike or trail. There is nothing to criticize about the organization. In short: we are a great experience richer, discovered a fantastic region and really enjoyed it !!!
Stefie, Geert, Anneke and Patrick from Aarschot, Belgium

What a great week this was in Piemonte on perfect Uphill ebikes. With two fingers in the nose we drove the most steep climbs, except for the very last ones, but that did not really belong to the route either. Everything has been arranged by Go2Piemonte to the last detail: from the bikes, the routes, the **** hotels and the Agriturismo's. Nice places found, enjoyed fantastic views and delicious food. Satisfied arriving at the destination in the afternoon the bags are waiting for you, what more could you want? Maybe only that dive in the pool? But even that was possible. We say, highly recommended from the upper class!

Corine en Herma  
What a wonderful holiday! Piemonte at its best. Great routes, through the famous vineyards of Barolo, through beautiful forests. On the e-bike even tough hills are no problem! In the evening spoiled in beautiful accommodations, and the food ...... delicious! Everything top organised. We had nothing to worry about, La vita e bella !!!

Els en Annemieke

We have made a fantastic 8-day Ebike tour made in Piemonte. It already started with a nice reception by Aad in our 1st hotel in Acqui Terme, where we got an excellent explanation about the Ebikes and could make a test ride. The daily directions were crystal clear and easy to read while cycling. The hotels were all wonderful, beautifully situated in nature. The hotel in Alba was located near the center of the city, for the variety veru good. The cycling routes took us along a very beautiful wine landscape, which is mentioned on the UNESCO World Heritage list. Cycle paths are not there, but the marked routes were quiet and we passed picturesque, tranquil villages on hills, which we all watched. The Ebikes bikes were great, smoothly every hill was settled. The daily charging of the batteries was very easy. At arrival in the hotels luggage was always waiting for us. In short, we had a fantastic week by a very good organization. Highly recommended !!
Henk and Marion