Accommodations 4 star hotel "Roma Imperiale" in Acqui Terme is a 19th century luxury, elegant villa with swimming pool and restaurant. This hotel is only part of the 8 day holiday. Agriturismo "La Corte" in Calamandrana is a carefully renovated farm. Here, too, there is a restaurant and a beautiful swimming pool. In La Corte you stay both during the 5 days and 8 days holiday.
"Hotel Calissano" is a 4 star hotel located in the center of Alba. This hotel is also part of both the 5 days and 8 days holiday. "La Torricella wine estate" in Monforte d'Alba is a beautiful Agriturismo and has a swimming pool and restaurant. La Torricella is only available during the 8 days holiday and is also your address on the restday. It is the ideal place to enjoy the beautiful surroundings and / or to relax by the pool. Agriturismo La Costa is run by a very friendly family and has a good restaurant and a swimming pool. This accommodation is only visited during the 5 days holiday